With the tough economy and fuel prices rising, freight has become a focal point for many distributors and manufactures. Companies simply have to look very closely at this rising cost, and make certain that they are doing everything in their power to maximize every dollar spent.

That's where we come in- we save all of our clients money. When you partner with us, we provide an experienced resource that will go to work for you, to find those hidden profits. Virtually every service we offer is done on a shared savings basis. If we save you money, we share in the savings. If we don't, you pay nothing.

It's really pretty simple We are focused on saving money on logistics, we do it everyday of every week. The typical person responsible for this has many other responsibilities, and may only look at logistics on an occasional basis. Like anything, do it often, and you will probably do it better than someone that does it only occasionally or annually. If your freight costs seem to keep going up and up, let us work to bring them back down again.

Applicable Types of Freight:

  • Small Parcel
  • Less Than Truckload
  • Truckload
  • International and Intermodal
  • Container and Less than Container
  • Air / Expedite
  • Mexico and Canada